Essential Oils: Why they will change your life!

doterra_essential_oils  I was introduced to essential oils over year ago by a  friend. My first experience was diffusing lavender.  The aroma was calming and the $15 diffuser I purchased on Amazon changed colors.  That was cool looking and relaxing too.  My friend informed at that time that candles could be very toxic and were detrimental to health when burned.  I did some research and found that candle fumes can be as toxic as second hand smoke and are carcinogenic.  Many scented candles have wicks thats contain lead.  Lastly, the scents and dyes are often artificial and they release additional chemicals.

Fast forward 9-10 months later after my daughter was born and my book had been published.  I was finally ready and able to learn more about these magical and potent plant compounds.  There is literally an oil for EVERYTHING!  To research individual oils and blends click here.

I’ll share my experience so far.

  1. They can be diffused for aromatic and therapeutic benefits.  They are a wonderful substitute for commercial air fresheners.  Many of these air fresheners contain formaldehyde and petroleum.  Some studies show that they also contain phthalates which have been shown to cause birth defects, hormonal abnormalities and cancer.  When the bag in diaper receptacle in my daughter’s room burst there was a wicked stench.  I diffused some lavender oil and it was smelling fresh within minutes.  Eucalyptus or the blend Breathe® can be diffused to relive stuffiness due to a cold and allergies.
  2. They can also be ingested.  I now drink water with a few drops of lemon oil in it throughout the day.  This is cleansing and detoxifying.  The first time you drink it you may make an extra trip or two to the bathroom.  Peppermint has been a great addition to my chocolate protein shake.  Peppermint aids digestion.
  3. They can be used topically on the skin.  I absolutely love my moisturizer made with almond oil (a carrier oil that dilutes the essential oil.) It contains lavender and melaleuca (tea tree) oil.  It feels great to be using a moisturizer that is safe enough to eat!  I also made my own mouthwash that contains peppermint, lemon and an oil blend from doTERRA called OnGuard® that contains clove and cinnamon.  There are countless recipes for blends that can be made in carrier oils for allergies, insect repellent, anxiety, sleep etc.  These blends can be rubbed on the chest, behind the ears and on the bottoms of the feet.
  4. They can replace all-purpose cleaners when mixed with water and white vinegar.  Lemon will clean greasy surfaces and clean wood. On Guard is a powerful sanitizer.                                                                                                                                                     When selecting essential oils make sure they are pure.  If they have been adulterated the bottle will say “for external use only.”  I am affiliated with doTERRA.  Their oils are sustainably harvested from all over the world and are 100% pure.  If you are ready to detox your home and would like more information on how to get and use these oils, comment below with your information, email me at or click here to enroll for whole sale prices through my doTERRA website.

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