What to eat before, during and after a long workout

Sometimes we like to take our workouts to the next level.  One way to do this is by extending them.  For example I sometimes do 75-90 minute rides with my spin classes.  Avid runners often do long runs lasting upwards of one hour.  If you are not adequately fueled you will not be able to maintain the level of intensity until the end of the workout.  I know you are thinking, “If I eat more to get throught the workout, the extra calories I burn will be cancelled.”  Not so!!  You simply have to choose your calories wisely.

Pre-workout: Eat a meal with complex carbs the evening before the workout.  If you are doing to workout in the morning, the timing will be perfect.  The complex carbs such as brown rice, quinoa or sweet potataoes will be stored as glycogen in your muscles.  This glycogen will give you energy.

During the workout: You will need easily digestible carbs about 45 minutes in and then every 20-30 minutes after that, depending on how long the workout lasts.  Liquids with electrolytes are best.  I do not recommned gatorade because it contains high fructose corn syrup and other artifical ingredients.  In order of preference my reccomendations are: coconut water, diluted orange juice (1 part juice to 1 part water.  You can add a packet or two of stevia to get the sweetness back) or Vitamin water.  For a 90 minute workout, 100-120 calories of liquid carbs in additon to water will get you through.

Post workout:  Be careful not to overhydrate with plain water.  You could dilute your bodily fluids.  Hydrate but also take in another 100 calories from one of the beverages mentioned above or fruit such as a banana,  1 cup pineapple or grapes.  Have a protein shake within 45 minutes.  Of course I recommend a raw vegan protein powder with almond milk and what ever else you want to throw in.


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