Raw’ GROAT-meal’: Even if you are eating raw, you can still have grains

I’ve been eating an 80-90% raw diet over the past couple weeks as I prepare to host a raw plant-based cleanse.   As the temperature here in the Northeast gets warmer, its the ideal time to eat more raw and hence, cold, cool or room temperature foods.  The fruits, veggies and nuts are easy since they are commonly eaten raw.  I happen to enjoy eating whole grains and I am very active so I need the carbs.  While thinking of what raw foods I would eat other than the usual suspects, I remembered that some grains can be eaten uncooked after rinsing and soaking.

Oats and buckwheat are two such grains.  In their groat form they are unprocessed and still raw.  Oats’ first level of processing is steel cut.  The next step is rolled oats and then they are super-processed after that point.  Buckwheat is often toasted and made into Kasha cereal or flour.

The groats for both soften after being soaked for at least 4 hours.  The oats become chewy and make for a very hearty meal that can be mixed with whatever you  would add to or top cooked oatmeal with, such as, nut milk, flax meal, chia seeds, fruits, nuts and spices.  The buckwheat becomes gooey and have a slimy texture which is normal.  You can also blend the groats with flax meal and spices to make a creamy porridge or cereal and then add your toppings.  They are simple and quick to prepare.  Now you know you can have your grains raw too!

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