If you’re on the fence about trying a cleanse, read this: My first experience doing a 7 day cleanse


Cleanses have been around for ever.  There are a wide range of depths (restrictions) and lengths. Most of them have a common goal of detoxing the body in some way.  We ingest toxins through food, chemicals and the air we breathe.

I just wrapped up a seven-day cleanse.  The first three days (the pre-cleanse) I ate raw foods only and then did four days on Blessed Herbs©.  The BH cleanse requires you to drink only raw organic apple juice and vegetable/miso broth.  It includes packets containing psyllium powder, bentonite clay and apple pectin that you mix with apple juice five times per day and a capsule you take each night to help you ‘go to the bathroom.’ You can visit their website blessed herbs to read more details. (I am not affiliated with blessed herbs in anyway.  This just happens to be the product I used.  if you are interested I can forward you coupon for 20% off)

I had an amazing experience during this cleanse, much to my surprise. I am very active and I was able to do all my activities without feeling tired, weak or hungry.  Everyone’s bodies are so different and their react differently to the same program.  I decided to list some tips to help your cleanse go more smoothly.

1. Pick and plan a time during which you will have the most control over your environment.  Also pick the right cleanse for your environment and lifestyle.  I have a part time job as a spin instructor and did not want to miss my classes. I figured I would be able to do them because I was having juice which contains natural sugar, vitamins and minerals.  I was right!  Energy levels were intact. You don’t need to necessarily be at home the whole time (even though that helps.) I went to work for two of the four days during the BH herbs part of the cleanse.  I knew how much juice I needed to bring with me.  I prepared the night before and I made sure I did not have any lunch meetings scheduled.

2. Do a pre-cleanse.  The purpose of the three-day raw pre-cleanse was to get my body ready for not having solid food for 4-5 days.  I gradually decreased my intake of solid food during the three days so that the actual cleanse was not a huge shock to my body.  If you eat a Standard American Diet (SAD) of refined foods, soda and animal protein, your body may have adverse reactions to a cleanse that begins abruptly because there will be a massive amount of toxicity leaving your body all at once.  I’ve been eating a ‘cleaner’ diet consisting of plant based gluten free whole foods for a few years and I’m just getting around to doing a cleanse.  It’s like training for a marathon, you can’t just go out an run 26.2 miles on day one.  Even think of cleaning out a closet or a room.  You get better results if you ease into it instead of trying to get to perfect right away. It’s too overwhelming. At this stage in your journey you may be a few months away from trying such a cleanse. The great thing is that there are so many options that have varying levels of intensity.

3. Get support from loved ones who will help you emotionally.  Abstaining from food for days is very difficult physically and emotionally.  I had the added benefit of friends who had already done the cleanse.  They were able to tell me what to expect.  The best part was that I could connect with them to ask questions and give updates during the process.  It was great to be able to share the details with people who not only ‘get it’ but who care about you and your well being.  When others know what you are doing, there is also a level of accountability that is present. That being said, I didn’t tell EVERYONE.  There are some folks who just don’t get it and will tell you, your’e nuts etc. You don’t need that negativity and doubt.

4. Stay busy so that your mind hardly has time to think about the fact that you’re not eating normally. This also helps the days go by so much faster. I kept myself busy by teaching my regular spin classes, going to work, cleaning the house, practicing yoga and running errands.

Of course, once you complete the cleanse, maintain the new you.  If you go right back to your old ways (if they were not the healthiest) your efforts will be wasted.  Many people are inspired to eat a healthier diet post cleanse because they knows its good for them and because it feels so good to be clean from the inside out.  Due to my already cleaner plant based diet and lifestyle, I did not have a 180 shift in the way I felt but I noticed that I was calmer and I was more aware of how I was channeling my energy during my spin and hot yoga classes.  I hope this account gave you some insight into doing a liquid only cleanse.

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