Are you a ‘regular’ person?

Yes, this post is about poop and yes we need to talk about it.  Having a consistent and regular elimination is a significant sign of good health.  The bigger and more frequent your bowel movements are, the healthier you may be.  According to Dr. Gregger in his book ‘How not to Die’ as stool weight drops, colon cancer rates soar.

The size of your stool may be linked to transit time.  That mean how long it takes for the food you eat to leave your body through the other end. The faster the transit time, the heavier the stool.  Plant based eaters have a transit time of 1-2 days while those who eat more conventional diets have a transit time of 5 days.  This makes sense, since fiber is essential for regularity and it’s found only in plant based foods. Constipation is the most common gastrointestinal complaint in the U.S.

So how do you know if your stools are large enough?  Simply weigh them!  Don’t be grossed out, it’s not what you think.  Hop on the scale before you use the bathroom and then immediately after and see how much less you weigh.  Of course I tried it and I was 5.5 pounds less, so I’m regular and have an optimal transit time.

If your stool isn’t heavy enough, eat more plants!


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